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Use a sane repository layout

There are many ways to lay out your repository. Because branches and tags are ordinary directories, you’ll need to account for them in your repository structure.

The Subversion project officially recommends the idea of a “project root”, which represents an anchoring point for a project. A “project root” contains exactly three subdirectories: /trunk, /branches, and /tags. A repository may contain only one project root, or it may contain a number of them.

Commit logical changesets

When you commit a change to the repository, make sure your change reflects a single purpose: the fixing of a specific bug, the addition of a new feature, or some particular task. Your commit will create a new revision number which can forever be used as a “name” for the change. You can mention this revision number in bug databases, or use it as an argument to svn merge should you want to undo the change or port it to another branch.


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